The next stage in speech censorship about Israel

Netanyahu: ‘Old hatred against Jews now directed at Israel’

Israelis control commentary about themselves and their actions by labeling any commentary about themselves as “hate speech”, then having the traitors in the quisling government of an occupied country pass “hate speech laws” whose stated purpose is to prevent “hate”.

Records show that these “hate laws” are then used to prevent any commentary that includes the word “Jew” or “Jewish”.

Those laws forced anyone who wanted to speak about the actions of jews or jewish people to refer to them as “Israelis” because the laws were only focused on “hate speech” against people.

In order to rectify that oversight the Israelis have enacted a new policy. They are now saying that any commentary on the actions of Jews or Jewish people that uses the word “Israelis” instead of “Jews” or “Jewish” is also “hate speech”. The Israelis are now directing the traitors in the quisling governments in the countries they control to amend laws and polices to prevent public commentary that includes the word “Israel”.

It is impossible not to admire the ability of someone who can force countries populated by hundreds of millions of people to stop speaking about them or the country they live in.

Even if it is insanity that will lead to untold amounts of death and destruction.

( Vice President of the United States of America and self declared Zionist Joe Biden giggling with glee at being allowed into the presence of his Israeli controller )


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