When Jews Attack 58 – Victim – Turkey – Attacker – Israeli state

Gok-Turk satellite project worries Israel
Turkey has been working on more effective ways to deal with the PKK. The Turkish Defense Ministry has been working on a military satellite project by 2013 to monitor the movements of the PKK in the difficult terrain of northern Iraq.

It awarded a contract to Italian Telespazio to build the 250 million euro (US$349 million) Gokturk, Turkey’s first military satellite. The agreement was signed on July 16, 2009, at an official ceremony. Turkish companies Aselsan, TUBITAK and National Electronics and Cryptology Research Institute are also participating.

Israel Aerospace Industries (IAI) had earlier been eliminated from the project because it imposed a condition that the satellite could not photograph Israeli soil.

According to TrDefence.com, a Turkish news hub on defense issues, Israel is concerned that the satellite may gather images from Israeli territories; hence last week Israel begun to lobby against the project. Israeli officials have been pressuring Thales Aerospace, the French company that is an important shareholder in Telespazio. Israeli officials are also lobbying Ankara to convince them that the satellite should not shoot images of Israel.

However, the situation is more complicated for Turkey. Israel is not merely relying on its influence with European arms companies; it has other cards to play. Italian Telespazio is not able to produce the high-resolution optical sensor – and the main provider for the gadget is Israel. Reports based on Turkish defense officials revealed that Telespazio has already asked an Israeli company to sell the sensor. The Israeli company responded with the official position that they would only sell the sensors on the condition that Turkey would not monitor Israel.

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