69 Norwegian Citizens Murdered by One, Or Maybe Two Gunmen

Police in Norway are questioning a 32 year old man after two co-ordinated attacks left at least 91 people dead.

A bomb blast in Oslo city centre killed at least seven people yesterday afternoon.

Around an hour later a gunman opened fire on a holiday island, where a youth camp was taking place, killing 84 people.

The man arrested has been named locally as Anders Behring Brevik.

His extreme right wing beliefs are believed to be a motive and the attack is said to have been planned.

This young man was attending the Norwegian Labour Party youth rally when the gunman opened fire,


….The corporate media insisted that Breivik was solely responsible for Norway’s worst violent attack since World War II. Norwegian police reports that a second gunman, described as having “thick dark hair and a non-Nordic appearance,” were suppressed in much of the corporate media. The time line of the Oslo attack causes anyone’s imagination to be stretched on being sold a “lone gunman/bomber” theory…..