When Jews Attack 262 – Victims – Various Hollywood Celebrities – Attacker – Jerry Goldman

A California insurance broker has been indicted on federal fraud charges for embezzling more than $800,000 from actor Tom Hanks, musician Andy Summers as well as two other well-known celebrities.

A grand jury ruled that Jerry B. Goldman had been overcharging these celebrities as much as 60 percent on their insurance policies for more than a decade.

Goldman remains in jail and is awaiting his sentence.

According to records from the criminal investigation, Goldman would give his clients altered documents on company letterhead that did not include the real price of their premiums.

The indictment said that Goldman did this ‘in order to lull his clients into a false sense of security and to prevent clients from complaining to federal or state authorities or bringing a lawsuit against him.

He would then send his insurance company the premiums, while keeping the overcharged amounts for himself. He was also allowed to negotiate premiums for insurance coverage and was paid a commission for each policy.

Goldman apparently provided the celebrities coverage on almost everything, including their cars, property and fine art, while providing flood, fire, earthquakes, worker’s compensation and personal employment practices liability.

While prosecutors confirmed the identities of Hanks and Summers, the two other celebrities who were named in the suit were not. The other individuals were identified only as M.W.H and S.R.

Goldman faces ten counts of mail fraud, which could each carry a maximum penalty of twenty years in a federal prison.