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A day after X-Men director Bryan Singer was sued for the alleged rape of a 17-year-old boy in 2003, the filmmaker’s ex-boyfriend has come forward to describe a relationship fueled by drugs, group sex and empty promises.

Bret Tyer Skopek told Deadline he met Singer, 52, at a Halloween party in October 2013 shortly after arriving in Los Angeles as a fresh-faced 18-year-old from Arizona. By December, the aspiring singer was sleeping with the director. Their relationship ended in December 2014.

Skopek alleges that during his relationship with Singer, he was plunged into a lifestyle of lavish parties, expensive dinners, as well as copious alcohol, drug use and orgies. “You come [to LA] with dreams of being whatever. You’re still going to be caught up into this mess,” he said.

Skopek says he fell into Singer’s orbit after becoming acquaintances with a computer technician, who was friends with the director. The man, he says, sexually assaulted him but he felt too vulnerable to report it to the police.

The once-aspiring singer-songwriter said he continued speaking to the technician and in early December 2013 attended a birthday party in his honor, hosted by Singer. After the party, Singer allegedly invited Skopek and two other young men back to his Los Angeles home where he participated in group sex while taking MDMA, commonly referred to as Molly.

“We’re in the basement, me and the other two kids, we’re kind of chilling. Bryan takes us up, one by one, and gives us all a Molly. He’s splitting it with us. ‘I’ll do half if you do half,’” Skopek said.

Skopek describes a revolving door of sexual partners catering to Singer’s desires. The orgies, he claims, would include up to 10 people.

“Watching the amount of people come in through the night. The sad fact is this is how they think they have to live their lives. This is the only way to make it out there,” said Skopek.

Skopek says that he became disillusioned by Hollywood as Singer took to contacting him for sex at 2 a.m. but never coming through on promises of a cameo appearance in 2016’s X-Men: Apocalypse.

Skopek moved to Fort Worth, Texas, to live with his father in December 2014.

A spokesperson for singer told Deadline Friday: “If Mr. Skopek had a problem with Bryan, he never mentioned it before today. He is someone who has repeatedly asked Bryan for money over the years, and did so as recently as last month. He also is the one who asked Bryan for a role in [ X-Men ] Apocalypse , which Bryan declined to offer to him. The timing of Mr. Skopek coming forward now with these allegations is questionable.”

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