Apr 212018

Video footage recorded on student Joey Smith’s cell phone  shows professor Howard Finkelstein

telling conservative student Christopher Lyle to “f*ck your life”—prompting accusations of “liberal indoctrination”. During the altercation Lyle was insisting “both men and women can be victims of sexual harassment,” NJ Advance Media reports.

 Asked if he’d taken the time to consider the impact of his argument, Lyle offered a “real-life example” to prove his point.

“F*ck your life!” Finkelstein replied

Lyle told NJ Advance media “it’s a shame” he’s “being discriminated against at my school because of my beliefs.” He also noted the interaction was “one of many disagreements” he’s has with his professor, telling the paper Finkelstein has criticized him for owning a gun and regularly tells him to shut up.

The student also has a gripe with his college, telling NJ Advance Media he was discriminated against for being a gun owner. According to Lyle, he was pulled out of class shortly after Finkelstein’s remark and asked if he was planning on hurting anyone.

Lyle said “that he felt the college was more concerned about him being a gun owner than a professor berating him, and he was being discriminated against again,” NJ Advance Media reports.

In a statement, Brookdale said it’s investigating Finkelstein’s actions, but said the school does not discriminate against students.

“It is in the best interest of all members of our community for the college to do its due diligence when a student or employee mentions firearms during the process of an investigation,” the statement reads. “The matter concerning the student’s statements about firearms has been investigated and the incident is closed.”

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