Jun 112018

A multi-millionaire has been ordered to buy his ex-wife a new house after she argued that a wave of crime has meant their £1 million home is no longer “suitable”, a high court has heard.

Detail of the case have emerged in a written ruling by Mr Justice Cohen published following a private hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London.

The judge said the man had paid around £1 million for the current house following a ruling by another judge and that the father should now provide £1.35 million to his ex-wife to buy another home.

The woman, who cannot be identified for legal reasons, said the London home she shares with her two teenage daughters was “no longer appropriate” as new housing in the area had brought a “substantial increase in traffic and an increase in crime.”

She said the home was “too small” as the girls, both 16, were being forced to share a bedroom, and asked Mr Justice Cohen to rule that she could relocate at her former husband’s expense, who is believed to be worth at least £40 million.

The man, who has not seen his daughters since 2005 and has never visited their current home, opposed the application but the judge has ruled in her favour.

He stated that it was reasonable for the woman and her daughters to “require to be housed elsewhere”.

He ruled that whilst it was not possible to determine if there had been an increase in crime in the area, the mother “shall be permitted to choose a replacement property for herself and the children.”

It was also reported that both daughters were “plainly struggling” in their school examinations and the father was therefore ordered to pay £32,880 for additional tuition for his daughters on top of £121,900 to be paid for four terms of schooling.

The judge concluded that he did not believe the father had any grounds for complaint over the amount awarded, and that the money has been “allocated for the benefit of the children.”

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