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George Duke-Cohan Jailed For 3 Years For Making 400 Bomb Threats To British Schools

A loner schoolboy who caused widespread panic by launching a terrifying nationwide bomb hoax campaign from his bedroom has been jailed for three years. George Duke-Cohan, who was sentenced at Luton Crown Court on Friday, sent thousands of emails to schools, colleges and nurseries across the UK and America warning that bombs had been planted in classrooms.

Christopher Biggins Plans Tour Of Israeli Tourist Attractions In Hopes Of Mollifying Their Hatred Towards Him For Joke He Told On Big Brother

Christopher Biggins, having been removed from Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother house for making a “joke” about the Holocaust, is to visit Nazi concentration camps from the Second World War.

To make amends, Biggins is planning to turn a trip to Krakow in Poland into a pilgrimage to the camps, including nearby Auschwitz where more than a million people were killed.

Christopher Biggins Removed From British Celebrity Big Brother For WW II Related Joke

Christopher Biggins has made a tearful apology after being removed from Channel 5’s Celebrity Big Brother house for making a “joke” about the Holocaust.

Channel 5 ruled that the 67-year-old actor made remarks “capable of causing widespread offence” following a conversation on the show with former X Factor star Katie Waissel.

Biggins, who had made earlier controversial comments about Aids and bisexuals, told the 30-year-old, who is Jewish: “You better be careful or they’ll be putting you in a shower and taking you to a room.”