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Justice Cohen Rules Man Must Buy Divorced Wife Another 1 Million Pound House Because She Doesn’t Like The One She Already Has

A multi-millionaire has been ordered to buy his ex-wife a new house after she argued that a wave of crime has meant their £1 million home is no longer “suitable”, a high court has heard.

Detail of the case have emerged in a written ruling by Mr Justice Cohen published following a private hearing in the Family Division of the High Court in London.

The judge said the man had paid around £1 million for the current house following a ruling by another judge and that the father should now provide £1.35 million to his ex-wife to buy another home.

British Justice Whipple Rules Israelis Must Be Taken Care Of First Before Britons By Coroner, And Marie Van Der Zyl Of Board Of Deputies Of British Jews Threatens Coroner’s Job If She Does Not Follow Judges Ruling

But in a judgment released on Friday Lord Justice Singh and Mr Justice Whipple said her understanding of the law was “misguided” and the guidance was incorrect.

“In other words, to treat everyone in the same way is not necessarily to treat them equally. 

Marie van der Zyl, president of the Board of Deputies of British Jews, said Ms Hassell must “consider her position”.

Eric Pickles, British ZOG Member, Joins Group Of Israel Lobbyists Crying About Treatment Of Jews At British Universities

Universities have shown “grave cowardice”over dealing with anti-Semitism, the Government’s Holocaust envoy has said, as he warns that inaction could lead to new legislation.

Sir Eric Pickles, who is the UK’s special envoy on post-Holocaust issues and a former Conservative Party chairman, said that universities have long “turned a blind eye” to the issue of hostility towards Jews on campus, adding that they must start to “show a bit of gumption”.