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Louis Ferdinand Celine Pamphlet Reissue Suspended After Various Jews Cry About It

France’s most famed publishing house has bowed to pressure and suspended plans to reissue a collection of violently antisemitic pamphlets by novelist Louis-Ferdinand Céline.

Gallimard sparked an outcry last week when it revealed it intended to publish a 1,000-page compendium of the controversial writer’s essays from the late 1930s.

The French lawyer and Nazi-hunter Serge Klarsfeld threatened legal action to stop them, saying that Céline had “influenced a whole generation of collaborationists who sent French Jews to their deaths”.

When Jews Attack 501 – BDS Bank Account In France Closed At Request Of The Representative Council Of French Jewish Institutions

The massive French bank Credit Mutuel shut down the account of La Campagne BDS France amid escalating criticism over the illegal practices of supporting financial transactions that target Israel for boycotts.

It seems that Credit Mutuel closed BDS France account at CRIF’s [the Representative Council of French Jewish Institutions] request.

Israeli Leader Of The Green Party Of France Quits

European lawmaker Daniel Cohn-Bendit revoked his membership of the French Greens on Sunday in protest at the party’s decision to oppose the ratification of the European Union’s budget discipline pact. The move threatens to rob the Europe-Ecologie Party of one of its most recognisable deputies – known for his rabble-rousing during 1968 student riots in […]