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A SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket and its commercial satellite payload were destroyed by an explosion at their launchpad in Florida early Thursday (Sept. 1) during a typically routine test.

The explosion occurred at 9:07 a.m. EDT (1307 GMT), as SpaceX was preparing to launch the Amos-6 communications satellite for the Israeli company Spacecom from a pad at the Cape Canaveral Air Force Station on Saturday, Sept. 3.

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Mar 142012

An Afghan breached security at a British air field military base in southern Afghanistan, driving a stolen vehicle onto a runway ramp and emerging in flames as Defense Secretary Leon E. Panetta landed Wednesday morning, Pentagon officials said.

The episode came at the start of an unannounced and tense visit that was the first by a senior member of the Obama administration since an American soldier reportedly killed 16 Afghan civilians, mostly children and women, in Kandahar Province in southern Afghanistan. The two-day visit was planned months ago, but it has taken on a new urgency since the Sunday massacre.

Mr. Panetta, like President Obama, has denounced the killings in Kandahar, and vowed to bring the killer to justice, a message he is to deliver in person to President Hamid Karzai of Afghanistan and top Afghan defense and interior officials while he is in Afghanistan. The killings have further clouded Afghan-American relations, which were already strained.

Mr. Panetta was landing at Camp Bastion, a British air field that adjoins Camp Leatherneck, a vast Marine base in Helmand Province, which abuts Kandahar. Afterward Mr. Panetta continued as planned with remarks to Marines and international troops at Camp Leatherneck and then headed as scheduled for a trip to a remote combat outpost, Shukvani, in western Helmand.Mr. Little said the stolen vehicle never exploded, counter to some earlier reports.

The Pentagon press secretary, George Little, said that Mr. Panetta was never in danger but he could not explain the Afghan’s motive or whether he was a suicide attacker aiming for Mr. Panetta’s plane. Nor could he explain why the Afghan was on fire. “For reasons that are totally unknown to us at this time, our personnel discovered that he was ablaze,” Mr. Little said. “He ran, he jumped on to a truck, base personnel put the fire out and he was immediately treated for burn injuries.”

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Mar 142012

Police in Norway are questioning a 32 year old man after two co-ordinated attacks left at least 91 people dead.

A bomb blast in Oslo city centre killed at least seven people yesterday afternoon.

Around an hour later a gunman opened fire on a holiday island, where a youth camp was taking place, killing 84 people.

The man arrested has been named locally as Anders Behring Brevik.

His extreme right wing beliefs are believed to be a motive and the attack is said to have been planned.

This young man was attending the Norwegian Labour Party youth rally when the gunman opened fire,


….The corporate media insisted that Breivik was solely responsible for Norway’s worst violent attack since World War II. Norwegian police reports that a second gunman, described as having “thick dark hair and a non-Nordic appearance,” were suppressed in much of the corporate media. The time line of the Oslo attack causes anyone’s imagination to be stretched on being sold a “lone gunman/bomber” theory…..

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Mar 142012

The U.S. soldier who allegedly shot 16 Afghan villagers was caught on surveillance video that showed him walking up to his base, laying down his weapon and raising his arms in surrender, according to an Afghan official who viewed the footage.

The official said late Tuesday that U.S. authorities showed Afghan authorities the surveillance video to prove that only one perpetrator was involved in the Sunday shootings, which have further strained already shaky relations between the U.S. and Afghanistan.

A delegation investigating the shootings was meeting in the southern city of Kandahar on Wednesday when a bomb hidden in a motorcycle exploded about 600 yards (meters) away. The blast killed one Afghan intelligence official and wounded three other people, but the delegation members were unharmed.

The day before, the delegation visited the two villages in Kandahar province where the shootings took place. Two villagers who lost relatives insisted that not one — but at least two — soldiers took part in the shootings. Afghan officials have also suggested that more than one shooter was involved.

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Mar 142012

BOSTON — Crews were working to restore power in the city’s downtown Wednesday morning after an electrical transformer fire Tuesday night left more than 20,000 customers without electricity, disrupted travel, and forced evacuations.

The fire was first reported about 6:30 in the evening. It started in a 115,000 volt transformer behind the Hilton Hotel in an area called Back Bay.

Thick, black smoke hovered over downtown after the fire broke out and left much of the city in the dark.

Fire plunges large part of Boston into darkness

“Our condo building lost power completely,” said one man, “so I went on the roof deck and I looked over and I saw just massive, black plumes of smoke.”

The blaze erupted in a substation behind the hotel, then spread to a second substation, triggering the massive blackout.

At first, officials feared the smoke could be toxic.

Hundreds of hotel guests were evacuated, and later moved to a nearby Sheraton.

No serious injuries were reported, and there were no reports of looting, but police shut down surrounding streets as a precaution.

“This is a massive outage,” said Boston Fire Department spokesman Steve McDonald. “We’ve activated a large number of officers so that there will be visibility throughout the affected area.”

Firefighters cut their way into the substation to gain control of the blaze.

Utility company N-Star began assessing the damage Tuesday night, promising to bring in large generators to help get things back up and running.

“We’re all working hard on this,” said Mayor Tom Menino. “We want to be back online as quickly as possible.”

N-Star says power was restored overnight to some 8,000 customers, and the rest should get their power back sometime Wednesday.

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Mar 142012

The Place Vendome was evacuated after a “spectacular fire” broke out in an underground parking garage, destroying an estimated 40 luxury cars

PARIS, France – The Place Vendome, Paris’s wealthiest square, was evacuated late Thursday after a “spectacular fire” broke out in an underground parking garage, causing millions of dollars of damage, Le Parisien reported.

As many as 40 luxury cars were destroyed in the blaze, which started at 4.40pm local time, and sent thick smoke billowing across the French capital, along with the stench of burning rubber.

More on GlobalPost: French Prime Minister calls for end to ritual religious slaughter of meat

Emergency vehicles including more than 100 fire engines and 30 ambulances rushed to the scene, London’s Daily Mail reported, adding that there were fears for celebrities visiting the area as part of Paris Fashion Week.

Dozens of people were treated for smoke inhalation, along with one of 90 firefighters, and France’s Justice Ministry was immediately closed.

The blaze was extinguished by 9pm, but Place Vendome – home to the grand Ritz Hotel and dozens of jewelry and designer clothing shops – remained cordoned off.

According to some unconfirmed witness accounts, the fire was started by petrol leaking from a Ferrari on the second floor of the parking lot.

The Parisien reported that the flames quickly spread to neighboring vehicles, causing an “impressive” blaze that “thankfully didn’t cost any lives.”

The paper observed that waiting behind the police barricades throughout the evening were several agitated business executives, impatiently waiting to learn the fate of their vehicles.

Parisian authorities have opened an investigation to determine the cause of the fire.

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