Dec 212016

A YouTube star was escorted off a Delta flight after speaking in Arabic to his mother and friend, according to accounts he posted on social media on Wednesday morning.

Adam Saleh, a 23-year-old YouTube star from New York, posted multiple videos to Twitter and Periscope showing himself being escorted from a plane by Delta flight attendants. Saleh said in the videos that after passengers heard him speaking Arabic, they “felt uncomfortable” and called flight attendants.

Saleh was on a flight from London to New York with his friend Slim Albaher, another YouTube personality, who was also escorted off the plane.

“They kicked us off the plane because a lady, because a lot of people felt uncomfortable,” Saleh said. “Delta Air Lines just kicked us out for speaking Arabic.”

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Dec 192016

Top executives of hedge fund Platinum Partners were arrested Monday morning and charged with defrauding investors in one of the biggest such cases since Bernard L. Madoff’s Ponzi scheme.

As recently as this fall, Platinum told investors it oversaw more than $1 billion scattered in eclectic investments like loans to bankrupt companies and thinly-traded pharmaceutical stocks. It boasted one of the steadiest performance track records in the hedge-fund industry, with no down years for its funds.

The indictment unsealed Monday in federal court in Brooklyn charges Platinum founder and Chief Investment Officer Mark Nordlicht,

co-chief investment officer David Levy, and former president Uri Landesman with counts of securities fraud, investment adviser fraud and conspiracy.

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Dec 192016

A white supremacist website has endangered people’s lives by posting contact details and photos of Jewish residents in a small Montana town – where the mother of white supremacist Richard Spencer lives – and has urged readers to “take action”.

The Daily Stormer, a website that describes Jews as a “people without shame”, cites a Daily Mail article which alleges that Sherry Spencer was considering selling her business in Whitefish, as she claimed she was suffering backlash against her son’s views. Richard Spencer is a member of white supremacist think tank the National Policy Institute, which coined the term alt-right.

The attacks focus on a group called Love Lives Here,

which Ms Spencer accused of damaging her family.

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Dec 182016

His assassination of a German diplomat in Paris gave the Nazis the pretext for sanctioning Kristallnacht, the violent pogrom against Jews on 9 November 1938.

Herschel Grynszpan, a Polish Jew considered a controversial figure to this day, was widely believed to have perished in a concentration camp during the 1940s.

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Dec 162016

When a couple in Tempe, Arizona, woke up Thursday morning to hear their daughter crying, they didn’t expect to see something so horrifying.

The father saw the 2-year-old in the living room where she was being held on the lap of an unknown man whose pants were sagged enough to expose his buttocks, according to a police report.

The suspect, later identified as Oren Aharon Cohen,


allegedly told the father, “I’m your friend” and threw the girl on to a couch before trying to escape the apartment.

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