Dec 122010

The Metropolitan police have moved to close off the supply of information which could identify senior journalists at the News of the World who commissioned illegal phone hacking.

In a change of policy which has significant implications for the prime minister’s media adviser, Andy Coulson, who used to edit the paper, police have said they will no longer provide all public figures with a summary of potentially relevant phone-hacking evidence in their possession.

The move relates to a mass of paperwork, computer records and audio tapes that police seized from the paper’s private investigator, Glenn Mulcaire, in August 2006.

This material is believed to include the names of senior journalists who worked for Coulson and who instructed Mulcaire to target named public figures including politicians, sports personalities and showbusiness figures.

Police now admit privately that they failed to fully analyse this material during their original inquiry.

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Dec 082010

Ironically, Thomas’ remarks follow closely on virulent attacks by the Jewish Southern Poverty Law Center on 18 Christian/conservative watchdog organizations in America. SPLC is accusing them of being “hate groups” which government, police and media should especially monitor. ADL, piously instructing Tea Partiers in “civility and restraint,” breathes not a word of criticism of SPLC’s vicious stereotyping of the “homophobic” right.

Responses from Christian conservative leaders to SPLC’s attack are predictably weak. No one dares mention that SPLC is 100 percent Jewish, although SPLC repeatedly attacks Christians for what they are. Tony Perkins, head of Family Research Council, was the boldest. He demanded an apology from SPLC. Joseph Farah blusters but also can’t bring himself to utter the forbidden J-word. In fact, WorldNetDaily, quoting Foxman, joins ADL in mocking and deriding Thomas as anti-Semitic.

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Dec 072010

A JAPANESE discount retailer says it will pull a Nazi costume from its shelves after a complaint from a Jewish organisation.

Retailer Don Quijote said today that it would remove the item from its shelves after being told of a letter from the Simon Wiesenthal Centre, a Jewish rights organisation based in Los Angeles.

The costume – which includes a black jacket with a swastika and a sketch resembling Adolf Hitler on the package with the phrase “Heil Hitler”- sells for about Y5000 ($61.16).

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Dec 062010

The German government has agreed to double the money it provides for the at-home care of aging victims of the Holocaust, increasing it to 110 million euros ($146 million) worldwide for 2011, the Conference on Jewish Material Claims Against Germany announced Monday.

Germany initially shared the decision privately with the organization a week after the Nov. 9 announcement of the indictment of 17 people in a massive Holocaust fraud targeting German funds. The increase is a boost for the New York-based Claims Conference, which saw some of its own employees charged in the purported $42 million scheme.

The Claims Conference has coordinated with the German government throughout the investigation of and response to the purported hoax, said Greg Schneider, the organization’s executive vice president. The funding increase represents the first Holocaust restitution decision Germany has made since the fraud prosecution was made public.

“I view this as a statement from the German government about their commitment to facing their history and providing support for survivors,” Schneider said Monday.

The German Financial Ministry did not immediately return a call seeking comment.

The Claims Conference, which provides services and reparations to victims of the Holocaust around the world, has long relied in part on the sale of properties that had been seized from Jews in the years surrounding World War II. But those funds have dwindled in recent years just as the surviving Holocaust victims are growing older.

Even taking into account the number of Holocaust survivors dying each year, the need for at-home care will continue to increase until 2014, when the number of deaths will overtake the number of newly frail, the Claims Conference projects.

The money for 2011 is expected to raise the number of financially needy survivors receiving subsidized care to roughly 70,000 from the current 58,000.

It is particularly important to keep aging survivors out of nursing homes that might force them to relive memories of being pushed from their homes and crowded into group living 70 years ago, Schneider argues.

“Especially for Holocaust survivors, there are emotional triggers that are set off by institutionalization that can be devastating,” he said.

U.S. prosecutors say more than 5,500 fraudulent claims for German Holocaust reparations — many of them containing altered birth dates and faked stories of suffering — were approved by the conference. Several of the organization’s former workers have been accused in the case, which was made public last month.

Of the recipients who have received letters informing them that they must either appeal or repay tens of thousands of dollars, 105 people have indicated they intend to appeal. At least 39 more have returned the money or agreed to repay it on an installment plan, the Claims Conference said.

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Dec 042010

The Brazilian Foreign Ministry has announced that it recognizes the state of Palestine based on the borders before Israel occupied the West Bank in 1967.

Brazil made the decision in response to a request made earlier this year by acting Palestinian Authority (PA) chief Mahmoud Abbas to President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva and also in line with Brazil’s support for United Nations resolutions, which demand that Israel must end the complete occupation of the Palestinian territories, Bloomberg reported.

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