Jan 122011

Several Jewish groups are criticizing Sarah Palin’s use of the term “blood libel” in her video statement on the Arizona shootings. The phrase traditionally refers to false anti-Semitic myths about Jews using the blood of Christians, often children, in their rituals.

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Jan 112011

A retrial of a high-profile murder case is underway in Hong Kong’s high court.

American Nancy Kissel, a 46 year old mother of three, was found guilty with a life sentence in 2005 for murdering her husband in 2003.

Kissel drugged her husband with a sedative laced milkshake and then bludgeoned him to death with an ornament, resulting in an infamous case that became known as the ‘milkshake murder’.

Kissel has admitted killing her husband, but said it was in self defence after years of abuse.

In February, Hong Kong’s Court of Final Appeal overturned Kissel’s conviction for murder, ruling that the notoriety and widespread coverage surrounding her case may have resulted in an unfair trial.

Kissel now faces a nine-member jury in a trial expected to last more than 50 days.

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Jan 102011

A male model has confessed to brutally torturing his journalist sugar daddy in a Midtown hotel for more than an hour — and then castrating him with a wine corkscrew — to get rid of “demons and a virus,” law-enforcement sources said yesterday.

“I’m not gay anymore!” accused killer Renato Seabra, 20, told investigators he raged to popular Portuguese fashion columnist Carlos Castro, 65.

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Jan 092011

A 9-year-old girl and federal Judge John Roll and four others were killed. Arizona Congresswoman Gabrielle Giffords was shot in the head and was in critical condition Saturday afternoon. Twelve others were also wounded in the shooting outside a grocery store.

According to the Associated Press, police had a suspect in custody: Jared Loughner.

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