Nov 242010

The American TV show Dancing with the Stars had Bristol Palin on it. Bristol stayed on the show with fan votes even though many people thought she was a bad dancer.

Stories were released that plainly stated Dancing with the Stars was going to rig the vote so fans could not put through their favorites over better dancers.

On the finale of Dancing with the Stars, Bristol Palin lost. Right after the news stories saying the vote was going to be rigged so she and others like her would not be allowed to win.

Who won Dancing with the Stars?

The Israeli Jennifer Grey of course.

Think about it. Jennifer Grey was famous 30 years ago. No one knows her. Bristol Palin is in the news everyday. Today’s young people know Bristol Palin.

But Bristol Palin lost.

And the nobody Israeli Jennifer Grey won.

Dancing with the Stars rigged the vote for the Israeli Jennifer Grey to win.

If you look into these shows you will find that although it is not advertised heavily, the producers and executives also have voting rights. They are most likely the ones who did the cheating to make Jennifer Grey win, since Hollywood is run by Israelis.

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Nov 222010

The Israelis in control of Britain use all of Britain’s institutions to attack muslims. The BBC has been under complete Israeli control since the Gilligan affair. There has been a marked increase in the number of anti muslim programs aired by the BBC from that time to the present.

This BBC program is an attack on Islamic schools.

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Nov 212010

Two women and an 11-year-old boy were stabbed to death and dismembered before their remains were put in garbage bags and lowered into a hollow tree, a coroner said Saturday, the latest gruesome details of the murders that have stunned this tiny town.

Preliminary autopsy reports show that Tina Herrmann, her son, Kody Maynard, and her friend Stephanie Sprang were stabbed multiple times with a knife in the back and chest Nov. 10, Knox County Coroner Jennifer Ogle said.

“They were then placed inside large plastic garbage bags and later lowered into the hollow of a large tree,” Ogle said in a statement. It’s unclear exactly when they died or when their remains were put in the tree. There were no signs of sexual assault.

The remains of the family dog — a miniature pinscher named Tanner — were found in the tree with the bodies, said Joe Pejsa, a family friend.

The victims disappeared Nov. 10 along with Herrmann’s daughter, 13-year-old Sarah Maynard, who was found bound and gagged several days later in the basement of an unemployed tree-cutter, Matthew Hoffman. Hoffman is accused of kidnapping the girl and keeping her in the basement of his home in Mount Vernon, about 10 miles west of Howard in central Ohio.

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Nov 182010

Right-Wing Zionists from ‘SF Voice for Israel’ Attack Meeting of ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ in San Francisco

Zionists attack meeting of Jewish peace group in California, 2 injured

Wednesday November 17, 2010 14:09 by Saed Bannoura – IMEMC News

A meeting of the left-wing advocacy group ‘Jewish Voice for Peace’ in San Francisco Sunday was attacked by right-wing Zionists from ‘SF Voice for Israel’ who, wrapped in an Israeli flag, harassed and intimidated meeting attendees, pepper spraying two attendees at point-blank range causing their skin to be burned.

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