Dec 202010

NATO has adopted the Israeli policy of home destruction in Afghanistan.

Why would they do that unless they were controlled by Israel?


The unprecedented home demolition policy and other harsh tactics used in the offensive suggest that General David Petraeus, the NATO commander in Afghanistan, has abandoned the notion that he will ever win over the population in those Taliban strongholds.

The New York Times first reported the large-scale demolition of houses in a November 16 story that said US troops in Arghandab, Zhari and Panjwaii districts had been using armored bulldozers, high explosives, missiles and airstrikes in “routinely destroying almost every unoccupied home or unused farm building in areas where they are operating”.

Neither US nor Afghan officials have offered any estimate of the actual number of homes destroyed, but a spokesman for the provincial governor told the Times that the number of houses demolished was “huge”.

Confirming the widespread demolition policy, Colonel Hans Bush, a spokesman for Petraeus, suggested that it was necessary to provide security, because so many houses were “booby-trapped” with explosives.

But Bush also acknowledged that US troops were using a wide array of “tools” to eliminate tree lines in which insurgents could hide. And the demolition policy was clearly driven primarily by International Security Assistance Force’s concerns about the improvised explosive device (IED) war that the Taliban has been winning in 2010.

The Washington Post’s Rajiv Chandrasekaran revealed in a November 19 article that, in one operation in Zhari district, the military had used more than a dozen mine-clearing charges, each of which destroyed everything – houses, trees, and crops – in a 100-yard-long (91-meters-long) path wide enough for a tank.

The district governor in Arghandab, Shah Muhammed Ahmadi, acknowledged that entire villages had been destroyed – a policy he defended by claiming that there were no people left in them. “[I]n some villages, like Khosrow,” he said, “that we’ve found completely empty and full of IEDs, we destroy them without agreement, because it was hard to find the people, and not just Khosrow but many villages we had to destroy to make them safe.”
But Colonel David Flynn, the battalion commander of a unit of the 101st Airborne Division responsible for a section of the district, contradicted the claim that demolition was only carried out if the people who owned the houses could not be found.

Flynn told reporters of London’s Daily Mail he had issued an ultimatum to residents of Khosrow Sofia: provide full information on the location of IEDs the Taliban had planted there or face destruction of the village, according to the account published on October 26.

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Dec 202010

Anything of importance or possible status enhancement is handled by members of the Israeli Occupation Government of  The United States of America.

“Federal authorities obtained a search warrant for the apartment of Ball, a fashion designer, in part on evidence collected by Landis in a plan organized by agent Jeff Novitzky, who gathered evidence in the BALCO steroid scandal.”

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Dec 192010

There is a big deal in the media about legislation allowing homosexuals in the American Military. The picture below was released with the story.

Those are not Americans behind that “United States” seal. Those are members of the Israeli occupation government of The United States of America.

The one on the left is the Israeli Joe Lieberman

The one on the right is the Israeli Carl Levin.

The one in the center is married to an Israeli.

Israelis have just forced homosexuals on American Military Men. The purpose is to destroy the American Military.

What American Man will want to join the volunteer American army when they know there are dick suckers and butt fuckers looking at them all day long?

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Dec 172010

In a new interview with GQ, Winona Ryder talks about how she was the first person who knew Mel Gibson was homophobic and antisemitic. She says she was at one of those “big Hollywood parties,” (the kind with the shoes and the pool and the blopop rings and the monkeys walking around with the chickens on the leashes) and she was with her gay friend talking to Mel Gibson, and he made a really horrible joke — a joke bad enough, in fact, that the monkeys put the shoes on the chickens, shoved the blopops down their throats and pushed them into the pool, killing them all. Ryder says “somehow” Gibson found out she was Jewish (yeah, SOMEHOW! As in like “oh, you know what’s funny? Your overwhelming Judaism that I can see from the way you’re holding that martini and not blowing me!) and then he said something about “oven dodgers” and something homophobic. Ryder continued and said that after the incident at the party, she told everyone she could about Gibson’s antisemitism and his homophobic tendencies, and no one believed her.

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Dec 122010

The Metropolitan police have moved to close off the supply of information which could identify senior journalists at the News of the World who commissioned illegal phone hacking.

In a change of policy which has significant implications for the prime minister’s media adviser, Andy Coulson, who used to edit the paper, police have said they will no longer provide all public figures with a summary of potentially relevant phone-hacking evidence in their possession.

The move relates to a mass of paperwork, computer records and audio tapes that police seized from the paper’s private investigator, Glenn Mulcaire, in August 2006.

This material is believed to include the names of senior journalists who worked for Coulson and who instructed Mulcaire to target named public figures including politicians, sports personalities and showbusiness figures.

Police now admit privately that they failed to fully analyse this material during their original inquiry.

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