Aug 032016

Death Note is being adapted by Adam Wingard whose new film The Woods was recently revealed to be a secret Blair Witch sequel at Comic-Con 2016 last month. It will be released in September.


Led by Nat Wolff……

Wolff was born in Los Angeles, California, to jazz pianist Michael Wolff and actress Polly Draper.

His father is Jewish, while his mother is of Christian background; Wolff was brought up “culturally Jewish.”

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Jul 292016

An outbound Metro train carrying 75 passengers derailed Friday morning in Northern Virginia, forcing one station to close but causing no serious injuries, authorities said.


The incident happened at 6:15 a.m. at an interlocking area on the system’s Silver Line. The train was headed to the Wiehle-Reston East station when the fourth and fifth cars of the train came off the tracks, Metro officials said.

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Jul 242016

Daniel Markel said it was his worst nightmare.

The Florida State University law professor returned from a short business trip in September 2012 and found the home he shared with his wife and two children empty and devoid of most furniture.

Then he found the divorce papers his wife, Wendi Adelson, had placed on their bed.


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